I toil away in big Pharma by day, paper chase an international adoption by night, and squeeze in hockey whenever possible. Plus, I'm pretty, witty and gay.

Sunday, June 25, 2006


Friday night my friend K and I went to see Ani DiFranco. I've seen her in concert 5 or 6 times, and I think this was my second favorite. The first time I saw her was October 1994, my gay and lesbian group at college sponsored her to play for Coming Out Day. I met her backstage. Besides being tiny, cute, and green haired, she was a bit grumpy. She had forgotten that Wisconsin was an hour behind us, so she was very late, and this was when it was just her and her drummer touring around in a car, and our stage manager opened the theater before the sound checks were done. All that was forgotten when she started, she put on a great performance in a very small venue. It was intimate and intense and my favorite concert. This time, her openning act was Hamell on Trial. He did a great job getting the crowd warmed up; he was very funny, a great guitarist, a so-so singer, but with wicked lyrics. He freaked the little old ladies out who were ushering with a song about the nastiness of Ann Coulter's nether regions. He's my new hero.

On the home front, it was a very social weekend, and now I'm tired and don't want to talk to anyone.

Adoption update: no new news. International adoption is a fickle friend. Every day I hope that today's the day I'll get my referrals. God, I hate waiting. I know they're out there. They've identified several children for referral, but the coordinator needs to make sure all their paperwork is in order before they release them for adoption. I know why I'm waiting but IT"S SO HARD! So, that's where we are: anti-social, and impatient.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Happy Birthday to Juice!

June 21st (or, as her brother likes to remind her, the loooooooooooooooooonnnnnnngest day of the year) is Juice's birthday.

Happy birf day, love you, miss you.

We're quickly approaching the point where we can say that we've know each other half our lives. How scary is that?

My heart's on fire....for Elvira, yeah.

So, work is settling down again, thank God. The Pteranodon has apologized, and quiet has returned to the jungle. I'm actually doing some interesting science, and finding some joy in discovery.

I had the opportunity to see two great shows last week, I got free tickets to see Elvis Costello with Alan Toussaint, fourth row. Friday night I took D and my dad to see D's favorite comedian, Elvira Kurt . If you've never seen her, check her link, she's got some video up. She's wicked funny, sometimes she makes me laugh so hard, I have an asthma attack. She did a great piece about crossing the boarder at the Ambassador bridge, and her pawless cat (really, I can't do justice to it, trust me). D really wanted to meet her, so she stuck around and my dad and I waited outside. I noticed D walking towards us, and who should be with her? Elvira, of course. So we met and chatted a bit. D was in heaven. I was standing next to her in heaven.

Adoption note: I found something that the govenment is actually fast and efficient about: fingerprinting. It's probably because they want to gather more and more fingerprints for their "anti-terror" database, and has nothing to do at all about helping people, but I was pleasantly surprised at my expirience (I'd like this opportunately to say hi to the agent assigned to read my little blog now). So now we're waiting on our I-171H, and our referrals, which could come any day.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Attack of the Pteranodon

Lady Jane Scarlett and I had named the supervisors at work after birds of prey. It was very apropos, as each embodied the best and worst of their respective namesake, and we could talk about them without being understood. We had the Eagle, the Owl, the Osprey, and now: the Pteranodon. I know, technically the Pteranodon isn't a true bird of prey, rather a flying dinosaur, but it's a bird ancestor none the less, and if I'm lucky, perhaps this one will go the way of the dinosaurs.

In other Ber news: took a business trip out east to see how the other 75% live, and I must say, with the exception of the unlucky few in the fish bowl, it's pretty damn nice. Also: softball team won. Yea.

The best for last: we have our fingerprinting appt in a week and a half! The first family is expected to travel to pick up their children THIS MONTH! I love thinking that I have kids, they're in central asia, and they're waiting for me to come take them home.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

So long, Sydney Bristow....

So, this isn't news to my flist, but my name is Ber, and I'm an Alias Addict. I've watched EVERY episode since day one, and Jennifer Garner is my official girlcrush. My heart is broken over the fact that I will no longer watch Sydney, Spydaddy, and co. trot around the globe in awesome costumes and silly accents. Since I had such a crappy week, my Santadaddy (heh) bought me the DVDs of my original TV obsession: Moonlighting. OK, laugh if you want, but little 12 year old babydyke me was entralled with the show and Cybill Shepard. Yes, I did say you could laugh. Take your time. The fashion and cinematography really date it, but the writing and the banter stand up very well. Good times. He bought me seasons 1-3, so my summer will be full, and I won't miss Alias too much until the fall season starts.

Do birds bird? Do ducks duck? hee! David Addison, that never gets old!