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Saturday, August 18, 2007

We're baaaaaaaaack!

For many reasons, my blog has layed dormant for some time. I no longer have my own computer, so I am limited that way, but I didn't want my blogging to potentially impact the adoption. Nothing is really private anymore, and since I'm one of the first to adopt from Uz..., and the first single mother to boot, it would be easy to figure out who I was, and a simple read by the wrong eyes could have ended the adoption. As it was, we did get another referral, for a baby boy, that was denied at the 11th hour because I am unmarried. I also lost my job due to a site closure, but gained another, with the same company, but it involves moving. The last 9 months have been so surreal, so bizarre, I feel like I've been living in an alternate universe.

But, on the upside: she's home. And she's perfect (and that's a big Fuck You to Dr. Jenista, the wacked up international adoption doctor who told us we'd be crazy to accept her). I'm still on family leave, so we get to spend each day as a family. I love it. I'm excited about my new job (not the move, nor location, mind you), it's more bio-physics than chemistry, but I'll still be doing some analytical work too. I'll also be near Key, and my work husband is also relocating. Secretly, though, I would kind of love to stay home with her. At least for a little bit longer.

It's bedtime...so off to give bottle and hugs.


Blogger Lady Jane Scarlett said...

Well it's about time you're back! :)
My work husband has followed me to school, and my real husband is here too. All day, every day. Too many husbands, not enough work wife. Maybe someday soon.
Hang in there, all of this craziness will come to pass. And you're not alone in this too, you have lots of us {ahem} here for whatever you need.

4:11 PM

Blogger Lady Jane Scarlett said...

BTW, I was wondering when the big F-you to the Doc was coming. Should we send her a video? Or malign her name all over the internets?

4:35 PM


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