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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

What I've learned in three months

I've learned so much in my first three months as a mom. I "get" my own mother so much better now. I feel less selfish. I want so much less for myself now, I'd be happy giving up my own home for a small apartment in someone else's house...oh wait...

Anyhoo, these are some random observations:

1. Sleep is good. Really, really good (actually, I already knew this, but where my previous knowledge only rested in the sebaceous gland, it is now fully stored in subcutanious fat. Don't ask. It's been one of those days).

2. You really do have to walk before you can run. Or get strained peas all over the floor and wall before you can get them into your mouth.

3. Everyday is new and exciting, even when it was almost exactly the same as yesterday.

4. Humans may be born as clean slates, but they sure do learn how to manipulate very quickly.

5. Even billy goats need to be kissed. Don't let the smell keep you from doing this very important job.

6. Electronic equipment is really baby magnets. Seriously. Is there an invisible force that attracts them? Is it like the high pitch frequencies that kids can hear that adults can't? I open a book in the next room and nothing. Open my laptop, and she's there in an instant, trying to reach around to bang on the keys.

7. Telephones are magic. It's like talking to God.

8. My 17 month old daughter can blow her nose better than her 40 year old aunt. TMI, sorry.

9. I don't really second guess myself about my parenting choices, and that makes me really happy, and pleasantly surprised. It just feels right.

10. The Itsy-bitsy spider never gets old. Ok, maybe it does, but it shouldn't ;)


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