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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Watts is a mouser after all!

Watts had a surprise for us the other day: a saliva soaked mouse at the foot of the stairs. Her mother was an amazing mouser, but no mice had been caught in the two years since she died, I just assumed that without claws, Watts couldn't do it. Wrong. She was so proud of herself too.

The baby has been under the weather with an intestinal issue, joy. It's not been too bad, and her mood is just a bit clingier than usual. She's getting better with bed as well, I can leave the room to get something while she's still awake and she doesn't scream her head off. This is a very welcome development.

The baby boy we were going to adopt has a new mommy and daddy! They are there now, but it's official. I am so happy for them. A very small part is sad it couldn't be me, but I really do believe that there's a "meant to be" piece here, and I was just meant to be a bridge momma to him until his mom and dad could find him. A protector, if you will. I am happy that they are interested in letting the kids know each other. How often do kids adopted half way around the world get to stay in touch with someone that they grew up with in the baby home? They've been together since Y was four months old and J one month old. They even were jealous of each other when I was there, just like cousins or siblings. Y will point to his picture when she sees it, and sometimes kisses it. Like I said, they're still there, so wish them all a safe, and speedy return!


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