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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Movin' Right Along

I drove my car, Bob, out on Monday. My work husband drove with me, so that was very helpful. It took ~13.5 hours including stop time. Not too bad, but we're definately going to have to break it up with the baby. Even though we left during morning rush hour, there wasn't much traffic in Michigan or Ohio. Guess there's no one there or they all lost their jobs too. We learned a lot about this great country of ours along the way, first being a convience store named Pump and Munch is really, really funny. Because I'm twelve, duh. Second, as a scientist who understands how important a basic understanding of math and science is to the future of our country (and planet), I was shocked to see the lack of basic skills at a BK in Ohio. Our order was $3.21. Mateo gave the girl a 5, and she rang it in just as I said "I've got a penny!" Most people at this point would think, 'ohh hey! Now I can give $1.80 in change and not $1.79. That's easier!' Not this girl, however. She scowled, walked over to her calculator, checked twice. All the while I muttered the answers she was seeking. She then (slowly and carefully) gave the 80 cents, like it still didn't make sense to her. Mateo had to remind her of the dollar.

I also learned not to taunt the sea God with "Come and get me, biatch", because he will do it.

Lastly, if you are originally from Michigan, or you are curious why we talk with few t's and slurred prepositions, please go to this awesome site: The Michigan Accent


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