I toil away in big Pharma by day, paper chase an international adoption by night, and squeeze in hockey whenever possible. Plus, I'm pretty, witty and gay.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Bathing Beauty

Water Sucker

Katie posted some pics of her kids in the tub, so I thought I'd take her lead. She's so much fun, and seriously the best thing I've ever done. I have so much to be thankful for this year.

Cosmic Kick-Me

We're all moved, and if I have to do that again anytime soon, it will be waaaaay too soon. Gomer and Homer packed our stuff, and they did a totally crappy job. I know my things aren't worth a ton of money, but they're mine, and they have history. Respect it, yo. We did not get anything done in the house, so we've got friends helping to get it ready to rent. I rented a 'mid-size' sedan and got a Saturn Ion. Hated it, and had a tire blow out in PA, ankles deep in snow, to boot. Then I had the Road Side service from hell. I could go on, really, but I shall seeth in silence. I made it to Rhode Island with an hour to spare before the movers showed. Then, just to mock me, we all got sick. Yazamataz hadn't been sick since she's been home, poor thing. She turned into Velcro baby. It's a lot easier to get up at 1 or 3 or 5 in the morning when you don't feel like death as well. She's doing better now, thank goodness, and even sleeping in her own room!

We still feel like crap, but I had to start back to work anyway. I knew it would be hard to leave my comfort zone and do something completely new, but it's really bothered me to make so many mistakes, and not be an expert in my work. One thing that's really different is that there isn't immediate feedback on technique. If I mess up plating my cells Monday, I won't see the results until I run the assay Friday. By the time I analyze the data, it's early the next week. That's a lot of time to pass before I find out that I fucked up majorly. No pressure or anything to do it right the first time.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Ber: Quasi-Rhode Islander

I've moved into our apartment in Rhode Island. I use the term 'moved' loosely, as I have an air mattress, two camping chairs, an end table with small TV (no reception, though), a PS2, and some clothes. I also have a ton of IKEA crap to put together. I've done a dresser and a bookshelf, and the sore hands and head (VOCs are bad, yo) to prove it. I'm watching DVDs of Moonlighting since I can't watch football. Moonlighting was my first fandom, and it holds up really well.

Also important to note: I live 7 minutes from the ocean. Granted it is off season, and there's no traffic, but 7 minutes! I went and sat on the beach for 15-20 minutes, watched the sky get dark, and the waves crash. Totally awesome. I also walked downtown to Tim's for coffee and a bagel this morning for breakfast. This isn't where I thought I'd be or what I thought we'd be doing when we started this year, but there are some things that I'll like.

My little girl is a true toddler now: she's learned the word "no", and says it with delight. On the phone I hear, "No, no, no, no, no mama!" It's so cute to hear her talking voice. She likes to draw out her vowels.