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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Key is an wicked film geek

"Moments like that prevent me from fully disrespecting what I nevertheless consider a buttock-chafing bore."

More of Key's Japanese cinema review here

Bad Little Blogger

Oy. I've been equal parts bad and ungodly busy. A brief history of the last couple o' months:

1. My hockey team won our big end of season tournament. I scored the winning goal in a sudden death shootout. Totally awesome, plus I got to cross off a thing on my 101 things to do before I die list (#55 Score a Championship Winning Goal, heh)

2. THE ADOPTION. 'nuff said. Actually, we've submitted our I-600A, which is a little form where I show my government that a social worker said that I'd be a good parent, so can I please, pretty please, bring an orphan home with me? Now I'm waiting for them to give me an appointment for our FBI fingerprinting. I've learned that our agency is actively looking for our kids. Even though I didn't specify a gender for the baby, I assumed I'd end up with a boy (most adoptive parents want girls only, and I really don't care), but found out that I still might end up with a girl. We're second on the list for a baby boy, and third for a baby girl. We're the only ones thus far wanting an older boy, so we'll probably get his referal first. Perhaps any day. So so excited. We're still on target to get them by the end of the year.

3. Extended family stuff. Won't go into too much into it here, but it involves break-ups, weddings, visits, illnesses, sick puppies (heh, really), and visa issues. Visa issues suck money balls.

4. Work. The only thing that keeps me sane about work is the fact that I have a plan to get out. It also gives me perverse pleasure when I have to do all this goal setting and development planning that I know I won't be there in a couple of years, and they naively think I will. They seem to think I'll be a lab bench lackey until they decide to escort me out, but really I'll be leaving them to become Dr. Ber.

So, that's what I've been up to...discuss...